Sometimes, Facebook scares me

Hey! First post on my blog – yeah! I didn’t really know where to start to honest. I got the idea when I created all my social network accounts, especially on Facebook.

Something to know about me, I’m not a big fan of social networks. I had Facebook a few years ago when I went to Australia and England for a long period of time. I’ve got to admit in these cases, it was really convenient to keep in touch with family and friends and share my experience with them.

But as soon as I came back to “a normal life” in France, I deleted my account. I’m curious (really curious), but I don’t always need to know what people do, I’m not that nosy! And most of the time, it doesn’t interest me AT ALL (I don’t care about what everyone is having for dinner)!

In my personal life, I only use Twitter as a news feed, I find it really practical to keep an eye on my favorite artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs etc and also follow the news. But I’m not really active (plus a “read-only” mode). I also have a LinkedIn account, but I’m not doing much there either.

Back to the point, so when I started My Frenchy Life, I created a new Twitter, an Instagram (never used that in my life – not sure what to do with it!) and Facebook account. I just wanted to create a Facebook page, without having a personal account, but found out it’s impossible… so I’m back.

I registered with my name, and a new email address (created 5 minutes beforehand). After creating the page, I looked at my profile to block everything, and I saw the “people you may know “ section… what a surprise to see the pictures of some of my family, friends, and workmates.

That freaked me out a bit. I know how it works behind the scenes, but still, when you think about it, it’s a bit scary. How can Facebook suggest people I know (some old mates from Australia, previous colleagues, even my mother-in-law haha) when I just created my account with a brand new email!? I’m not the only Jérémie André in the world! I realized the culprit was… ( suspense music )… my phone number! I entered it for the two-step verification… and that’s how all machines roll into action. My friends have Facebook on their phones, which has access to their contacts, where my phone number is, and the magic happens!

It can do that with barely any information, so imagine what it can do with everything we share online (this is true for Facebook, but also Google, Twitter etc, I’m not targeting Facebook in particular)…

So before sharing personal info, we better think about it!

I’m already hearing some people (my wife for instance) saying “I don’t care, I’ve got nothing to hide and it’s not like I put important things online. And anyway why would they care about me!”. Well, it’s not that simple, but I’ll talk about that in another post [UPDATE: Here is the post “Privacy on the internet, that’s an oxymoron“].

This is the end of the 1st blog post! Thank you for reading it, the next one will be up soon!

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