I thought it would be a good idea to share with you several things I like such as books, movies, tv series, devices, apps or online services, etc. This recommendations list will probably be evolving regularly based on what I find! Hope this is useful, and feel free to share with me what you like!

Book reviews

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I Am Malala










Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Apple, MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro 13Apple MacBook Pro 13”: I had a MacBook Air 13″ before, and recently replaced it with a MacBook Pro 13″ Retina Touch Bar. They are the best laptops I ever had. Powerful for everything I do, but most of all, so convenient to carry around!
Apple 13” MacBook Pro Retina Touch Bar


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Mi Band 2, Mi Band, Xiami Band, XiamiXiaomi Mi Band 2: I originally wanted a smart band to wake up. As I get up earlier than my wife, I felt bad having a loud alarm going off. From all the bands I looked at, the Xiami Mi Band 2 had everything I wanted: alarm, waterproof, cheap and not huge. For 30$ it does the job, sometimes even better than 100$ bands!
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband With OLED Display


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Paperwhite, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite: One of the most important devices that I’ve got. When I accidentally broke my previous Kindle (by sitting on it!), I replaced it straight away. It’s simply the best ebook reader, small, light, beautiful screen, more storage than you need for books… I simply can’t have it with me at all times!
Kindle Paperwhite


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, Sennheiser, Ear Phone, Head PhoneSennheiser Momentum On-Ear: I love the design of these headphones! I personally find the sound fine (I can’t say I’m an expert at all). They aren’t heavy and don’t hurt my ears even after hours of use. I use them 4/5h per day! I’ve got the 1.0 with a wire, but can’t wait to get the new wireless ones!
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation – Ivory: Home Audio & Theater
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear – Ivory: Home Audio & Theater


Apps & Services


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, airbnb, bnb, hotelAirBnB: I don’t think I need to present this app. Best way to find cheap and amazing accommodation around the world and meet locals. And now the new Experiences brings the adventure to another level!
Get €25 off your first adventure!
AirBnB on App Store


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, LyftLyft: I discovered Lyft when we went to Miami, and I prefer it to Uber. I like the design, after a few comparisons, it seems a bit cheaper than Uber. But mostly, I love the fact you can round up your ride costs and give the extra to charity, a brilliant idea!!
Lyft Promo Code – Get Free Rides
Lyft on the App Store

Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Uber, Uber logoUber: No need to comment on this one really!
Uber | Sign up to ride
Uber on the App Store


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, BlaBlaCar, BlaBlaCar logo, covoiturage, car poolingBlablaCar: I’ve been using BlaBlaCar for years now in France, mainly as a driver. Great way to meet people and split the bill during long drives!
BlaBlaCar – Trusted Carpooling on the App Store



Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, MediumMedium: I spend lots of time every day reading on Medium. There is always new content to discover! I also publish my posts on it, so don’t hesitate to check it out and follow me!
Medium on the App Store
View my profile on Medium

Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Pocket, Read laterPocket: I often find interesting articles online (on blogs and social media etc), but never have time to read them… then I often forget about them. Pocket is perfect to store them, thanks to the extension, in one click you can save everything and read it later! And it works offline too which is so practical!
Pocket: Save Stories for Later on the App Store
Pocket on the Mac App Store


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Bear, Note app, Bear appBear: I love Bear! I write all my blog posts and thoughts on it. I was previously using Evernote, but I found the design really heavy. Instead Bear is a minimalist notes app which is amazing to use!
Bear on the Mac App Store
Bear on the App Store


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, Spotify, Streaming music, musicSpotify: I’m not going to present Spotify, the famous music streaming service. Best way to listen to millions of songs wherever you are!
Spotify Music on the App Store




Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, FiverrFiverr: I discovered Fiverr when I started my blog and was looking for a logo. It’s a brilliant way to get in touch with talented freelancers and get any kind of design for a decent price.
Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur


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