Are all human lives worth the same?

In case you haven’t heard, Saturday two trucks exploded in the center of Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. At least 300 people died in this terrorist attack and there are more than 300 people injured… Sadly, we can expect those numbers to go higher in the next few days.

The world is going crazy

In the last few years, there has been an increasing number of terrorist attacks around the world, especially in Europe (as a reminder, I live in France). Most of these attacks come from ISIS, but I don’t care about that right now. Whoever does it, it stays horrible and inhuman!

Since 2015, multiple attacks have hit Europe in France, Belgium, England, Germany and Spain. Every time, plenty of innocent people – kids, women and men – were killed or injured. It’s hard to find precise and reliable numbers online about the number of victims per year. As I don’t want to forget any victims, I won’t try to give an estimate, you cannot estimate people lives.

Every time those attacks happened, we saw beautiful waves of solidarity. All over the world and on the internet, people gathered to pray together. In these terrible moments, we observe a very rare unity between people.

Also, the environment is not being very gentle with us lately: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or droughts are hitting and hitting every corner of the planet. And again, unity and kindness rise to help and donate to the ones who lost everything. For instance, we all witnessed it recently with the hurricanes hitting the Caribbean.

When you think about it, it’s a bit sad that the best of us only shows up when shit happens…

We are all human beings

But I have a problem with all that, a big one that really pissed me off this morning when I heard about what happened in Somalia.

When European or American people are killed, the whole world talks about it: the media, the internet, everyone! You see it on every single news station, it’s all over the social media, there is no way to avoid it. Each country does a little thing to show respect, like shutting off the Eiffel Tower lights.


On one side:

  • 59 people were shot in Las Vegas, you hear about it for days and days.
  • 22 people were killed in Manchester during Ariana Grande’s show, the whole world prayed. Plenty of artists donated and organized shows to help the victims.
  • 73 people died during Hurricane Irma. It also destroyed thousands of houses. The day after everyone was organizing donations to help the victims.

On the other side:

  • 300 people died in Somalia, 300 are injured, and the media barely talk about it! You don’t see hashtags like PrayforSomalia trending on social media.  There are attacks every week in Africa, killing hundreds of people, of innocent people.
  • This summer, 1200 people died in India, Nepal and Bangladesh because of terrible floods. Did you hear about it? Probably not!


In France, we only hear about attacks around the world when there is at least one French victim. Otherwise, the media barely covers the subject! This drives me mad. Who cares about the victims’ nationality? THEY WERE ALL HUMANS!!!

I’m going to tell you what I think about that (from my perspective obviously as a European resident). I’m going to use “we” as “white European or American people”:

  • I believe “we” only care when it happens in influential countries. If an attack like the one in Somalia happens in France, the war would be declared, the UN would do everything to fight back. You would have millions of people in the streets, the whole internet would talk about it. However, as Somalian people don’t have the possibility to rise and share with the world the atrocities going on every day in their country, it will be forgotten about in a few days…
  • I believe “we” only care when it happens somewhere where it’s somehow going to have an influence on our lives. If it’s a country we share business relationships with, the government will do things to help. If it’s just a random country in the world where we have nothing to gain (no petrol for instance), why should we give a crap?
  • I believe “we” only care when white people are involved. That’s the worst one, but sadly I can’t stop thinking that it’s true. When a guy kills white Occidental people it’s called a terrorist attack, but when a white racist man kills black people it isn’t?

This crap is gonna have to change. Each human life is worth the same. We cannot rely on the traditional media anymore, they tell us what they want. But it’s not a reason not to speak up for the ones who can’t! So let’s spread the world, talk about it around you, share it… the world is not just America and Europe (we are actually a minority!). The Eiffel Tower is still on, but it doesn’t mean we cannot do something.

*Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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