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Jérémie André

So as you probably figured out from the website’s name and logo, my name is Jérémie André. I was born in France in 1987.

I did my higher education in France (Toulouse), a Bachelor’s degree followed by a Masters degree in Intelligent Systems (IT and coding applied to robotics or intelligent systems). During my Masters, I went away twice for 6 months for my internships: to Sydney (Australia) in 2010 then to Lincoln (England) in 2011. Both times I worked in the university robotic laboratories to work on robotic algorithms.

That’s how I learned English. It’s also when I realized the world was big, full of opportunities and that I wanted to see more.

I went back to France after my studies and got my first job around Paris as an embedded software engineer in an IT consultancy firm. I spent 1 year working for General Electric Healthcare. Then my wife and I decided to move down to the South of France (where I come from), mainly to have a better way of life. I found a job again as a software engineer in an IT consultancy firm. I spent nearly 2 and a half years there and did several missions for a few clients.

In my (what was going to be) last mission, I went to work for EEWORX, a young startup trying to revolutionize uses of software in businesses. I started as a software validation engineer but one thing led to another and I ended up leaving my company and signing for EEWORX at the end of 2014. I got on really well with the founders, I believed in the project and totally fell in love with this new way of working… a new position was opening as Operations Manager, that was my chance!

It was a risky move at the time to quit my permanent contract in an established company for a startup with no clients… especially 10 months after getting a mortgage to buy a place. But it was worth it and I don’t regret it! I love what I do, I have the chance to work on multiple subjects (that I never studied before) and I learned so many things- which would have never happened in a more standard company! And how nice it is to see the company growing and succeeding, it’s such an incredible feeling! I have been in charge of the operations team in France (taking care of deploying our applications in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa), and I am now leading the team in America as we opened a sub-agency in Miami. After doing it remotely from France, I moved to Miami with my wife in March 2018. We are so excited for this new chapter of our lives!

My job allows me to fulfill my love of traveling, so my wife and I try to see the world as much as we reasonably can. We saw a lot of Europe, also went to Indonesia in 2016… and we are now looking forward to exploring the United States and its surrounding! We spent some time in Miami to see how we like it, went for a month in Panama and now settling down in Miami!

I am not career-obsessed or anything like that. I want to do some good, see the world and be happy. My wife and I have the same objectives: have a happy family, have our own businesses which will give us enough resources to enjoy our life and travel.

I started a blog in April 2017, My Frenchy Life, to share my views and opinions about some subjects I believe are important. However, after one year, I decided to merge this blog on this website. So all the posts published before Avril 2018 come from my previous blog. I also started beginning of 2018 a travel blog in French – Jérémie’s Travels – to share my journeys and experiences with my family & friends. And lately, in March 2018, I create a travel t-shirt brands called WanderEscape.

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