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Hi guys,

Welcome to JeremieAndre.fr, a place where I express myself freely and talk about anything I want. In my blog, you will find posts about several subjects I believe in and that I think are important. I also recommend and share my opinions about things I like, such as devices, books, apps and anything else worth writing about. Below, you can see the other projects I’m currently working on. But before that, I suggest you start with the about me page where I introduce myself in more detail.

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Jérémie’s Travels

Jérémie’s Travels is my little travel blog. I started this project in January 2018. This is my space to share my travel experiences.

I write in French on it as it is very personal, addressed mainly to my family & friends.

However, my goal is not to show amazing edited photographs and make everyone fantasize about places. When I travel, I want to dive into the country’s culture. I try, as much as I can, to experience the country and to see how the people there actually live… So don’t expect to find sponsored reviews of any amazing resorts, hotels or whatever here. You will see “normal” unedited phone photographs, taken by a non-professional, non-artistic guy. It’s all real & authentic!


Jérémie André, Jeremie Andre, WanderEscape, T-shirt brand

WanderEscape is my travel t-shirt brand, created at the beginning of 2018. It is another way to share my love of traveling.

I got the travel bug in 2010 after a trip to Australia, and since then I want to travel and discover the wonders of the world. I believe traveling can entirely redefine a person. The experiences I lived while visiting new countries and meeting new people totally changed the way I see the world we live in. It also convinced me that we should appreciate what we have a lot more and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

I decided to design slogan t-shirts as I had looked at buying some for myself and didn’t like the t-shirts already on the market. I want designs that stand out, are easily recognizable but also very wearable. I often find travel t-shirts are too touristy and destination based.